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Mindfulness-Based Counseling Services
   Addiction Awareness Assessment:
1 to 3 sessions assessing biological, psychological and social high risk factors contributing to addictive behavior.       

Individual and family intervention of addictive and destructive behaviors
Addiction and destructive behavior affects not only the individual but the family and loved ones. This approach helps the individual and the family begin the healing process and helps to identify the hurts and mistreatment's caused by acting out behavior. This can take one or several sessions.
 Mindfulness Recovery Counseling:
Incorporating Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques and Cognitive Behavioral Counseling to help a client address underlying issues of negative behaviors while aiding to reduce stress which may cause relapse.

Mindfulness Relapse Prevention:
Stress and anxiety are the number one reasons many people return to active use of addictive substances. We incorporate traditional relapse prevention techniques with mindful awareness to reduce environmental cuing, craving and psychological stress.  

 Cooling Wisdom:
Group and Individual alternatives to aggressive behavior. Using eastern and western modalities and philosophies to help clients address and overcome issues around anger, self esteem and confidence as well as teaching effective communication skills to help reduce stress and conflict.

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