Mindfulness Recovery Counseling - Jason Murphy MA. Marriage Family Therapist Lic# 94486
"Jason truly is an expert in this field. His combination of Mindfulness and experience in Relapse Prevention is a great method for providing the tools to stay sober. I personally have had a happy and successful 3 yrs of recovery without relapse."
Stephanie P

"Jason, thank you so much for the insight on my brother's recovery that you helped my family to see. It has really changed the way we view our role in supporting his recovery and life challenges."
Kirstin Smith

"Jason is a great combination of street, education, recovery, and compassion. His mindfulness training really shows in the way he interacts with others."
Nancy W.

"Mindfulness practice saved my life and can save yours. Mindfulness contains the powerful seeds of awakening and healing. I have known Jason for a number of years and know his journey led him to hell and back and that he lives walking his talk. Jason has deep compassion and wisdom in understanding pain and I trust his heart and teachings." Bob Stahl, Ph.D. Mindfulness Teacher

"Jason's unique skills, knowledge and practice are a tremendous gift to our community. It is my privilege to co-facilitate groups for young people with Jason where I observe his remarkable abilities to create positive connections and to effectively communicate from his heart and his direct experience about the nature (and the many forms) of addiction and the value of mindfulness practice. I refer parents and teens to Jason for counseling and have received extremely positive feedback."
Stacey Smith, MSW - Program Administrator for Your Future Is Our Business

"The level of service at Mindfulness Recovery Counseling is fantastic. Having been an addict who has struggled with recovery for many years, This approach has helped me achieve lasting sobriety.
Thank you!”
Pat G

“In this day and age, it hard to find counselor who both understands recovery as well as a compassionate heart. Mindfulness Recovery Counseling was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Jenny M
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